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6S Training

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Eliminate wastes, defects, and inefficiencies from processes


6S - Organizing, structuring and building lean processes that will eliminate wastes, defects, inefficiencies, therefore helping processes to become safer, more streamlined, efficient, and effective. A person can perform 6S improvements at their home, school, or simply in the garage, pretty much anywhere. Sort - Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary material, documents, equipment, data, and information. For items that are not necessary, put together an orderly plan to take them out of the workplace. "Tag" items that need to be repaired, but you still want to keep. Set in order - Reorganizing everything and creating a standard location for items, parts, equipment. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Utilize FIFO, first in, first out to ensure you utilize all older items first, this eliminates the items expiring before they get used, which is a waste. Shine (systematic cleaning) - Dusting, cleaning, wiping down areas to ensure for a safe and clean workplace. Create workplace audits to ensure all processes are maintained on a daily basis. Standardize - Determine usage, and create par levels based on average use. Create Kanban cards that will indicate when products need to be restocked. Creating clear and simple visual cues, that indicate whether or not “sort” and “set-in-order” are being maintained. Sustain - Effective, ongoing application of knowledge regarding keeping an effective workplace, auditing processes to ensure everything is sustained, maintained and consistently updated. Safety – A vital foundation for all of the other steps! Develop and maintain workplaces that are safe for ourselves and our customers.

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