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Featured Podcasts

This is a collection of the podcasts I've been asked to be on.

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The Healthcare QualityCast

Hosted by Jarvis Gray

The Healthcare QualityCast is an audio podcast spotlighting today's most exciting and inspiring professionals within the healthcare industry. In our podcast we dive into the career journeys of leaders that work daily to improve quality, safety, and service outcomes for patients, their family members, and their communities at large. Our mission is to provide motivation and direction to our listeners, encouraging you all to continue your efforts in improving the overall quality of healthcare.

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The Lean Solutions Podcast

Hosted by Patrick Adams

This podcast offers business solutions to help listeners develop and implement action plans for lean process improvement and implement continuous improvement projects, cost reductions, product quality enhancements, and process effectiveness improvement. Listeners come from many industries in both manufacturing and office applications. Support this podcast:

Cutting Edge

Hosted by 

CJ Brock, CEO, TexAssist Surgical Assist Staffing

Tyler Talman, Principal, Carrington Advisors

A new podcast focused on engaging thought leaders in the healthcare space to talk about advancements across the healthcare spectrum. It's an opportunity to share with the medical community content that brings value to a wide variety of stakeholders from administrators and executives to front line healthcare providers primarily in surgery.

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